Gathering as believers under the Headship of Jesus Christ.

If you are looking to learn more you can read the statement of faith (pdf) for Gospel Fellowships. Also you can learn more about starting a house Church. Below is the free ebook that expands lessons learnt from house Church movements around the world.

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* Learn powerful lessons from the Church in China, Iran and North Korea * Be empowered by the Spirit to start a gathering in your local area * Start witnessing and see the Lord working in your life to bear much fruit.

Traditional models of Church are older wineskins that are bursting as God is pouring out new wine in the movement of His Holy Spirit. House Church planting movements are occurring all over the world it is estimated there are millions of new house Churches started in just the last 30-40 years. In this book we offer simple guidelines to help those who are hearing the voice of God and gathering with like-minded believers in house Churches similar to what God is doing all over the world. We have prepared a free ebook that compiles principles and lessons from underground house Churches in China, Iran and North Korea. You can download the english version of the book in .PDF, Amazon kindle and paperback.


Practice of Bible Reading

All house Churches are encouraged to promote a yearly Bible reading plan to all the brethren present. Some find it very useful to center the meeting time around one chapter of Scripture. When believers come together the servant leader(s) can have a short teaching or exhortation. It is also encouraged that everyone can share what the Lord Himself taught them through their reading of the Scriptures that week.

Practice of the Lord’s Supper

“We take the Lord’s Supper in a reverent and Biblical manner and keep the cross as central. This common act connects us with believers of the past, and it proclaims the death of Jesus to those observing.” Each group should consider to take the Lord’s Supper weekly as a way to center the gathering around the great redemption and person of Jesus Christ.

Practice of Evangelism

In each meeting prayers are given for boldness and the Holy Spirit filling to share the Good News effectively. This practice of Evangelism should be encouraged for all members in the house Church. It is good to allow time for short testimonies also of what the Lord did that week.

Practice of Multiplication

After a period of time the house Church should be ready to multiply and start new home meetings or send out new workers. This plan to multiply will encourage more intentional sharing of the Good News message by all members during the week. And raising up of other servant leader(s) as the house Church network grows.



The main goal and vision of the regional meetings are to encourage believers to connect, fellowship and to start house church small gatherings. As part of this intention many house church leaders and house church networks have shown interest to participate. Anyone is invited to the gathering time and they do not have to be meeting in a house church. We pray it can be a time to encourage believers to walk in obedience to Jesus Christ (James 1:22). If you have interest in hosting a meeting in your local area get in contact with us:

Upcoming Meetings:


When Did Gospel Fellowships Start?
Answer. Since 2012, a growing group of believers in North America started to sense the Lord’s calling to gather as other house Churches around the world. In response to this, the volume, Principles for the Gathering of Believers,  was compiled and had in a short time over 50,000 downloads in ebook format.

Why So Much Emphasis on Evangelism?
Answer. In many ways the Church in the West has abandoned the great commission and has stopped witnessing causing little growth and a lack of health overall. The majority of the world is in darkness as we read this and God is by-passing a Western Church and using simpler methods like those who are “poor in the eyes of the world” (James 2:5) to bring the Gospel to the unreached. One Chinese underground worker summarizes it for us when he said that “If we stopped witnessing we would stop being persecuted.” Gospel Fellowships are believers who are committing to follow the underground workers of the world in their vibrant witness and sharing of the Good News of Jesus despite any difficulties and obstacles that they have encountered in their cultures. We are not interested in Church politics, division and doctrinal disputes over nonessentials. When we lose our focus we cease to be a salt and light to the world

Underground Church in North America?
The Underground Church in other countries such as China and Iran where freedom is curtailed consists of groups of believers that cannot meet together openly in a society, but who also have discovered a vibrant faith and witness that parallels the Church of the Book of Acts through their simplicity of dependence upon the Holy Spirit as a teacher, and the headship of Jesus Christ in their fellowships. We believe that in North America we need to start to think and act like these vibrant Underground Churches around the world, not only because our freedoms as Christians are lessening, but because we have lost touch with the simplicity of the gospel, and the deep fellowship combined with the great outreach opportunities that can be found in a closely knit but small fellowship. Smaller fellowships that choose to multiply rather than grow large, and have learned to network with each other for the type of additional support normally found in larger churches. Imitating the structure of the Underground churches of other countries does not mean anti-government, rather we are always praying for the leaders of our country and seek to live in peace under their care. We are not here to change our country, but to change people’s lives. Gospel fellowships are not in most cases registered as non-profits or seek a building but meet privately in homes to worship God and celebrate the Lord’s Supper. We do not have a need for clergy licences or depend upon pastoral fixed salaries.

Is There A Listing of Fellowships?
Answer. We are not offering a listing of individuals or house Churches as we are not a denomination or seek to be such, so there is no signup list. All house Churches that are or will be connected with Gospel Fellowships are connected through relationships with believers and through the leading of the Holy Spirit.

How Can I contact Gospel Fellowships?
Answer. You can directly contact us at and someone will get in touch with you.